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Freude Titan in Sinsheim, Germany

Our company – a journey through time: extensive experience and proven quality.

Freude Titan was founded by G. Freude in the Swabian town of Gärtringen in 1973. Initially, the company specialised in the distribution of titanium products for the galvanic industry.

In 1980, the company moved its headquarters to Sinsheim and started to process special materials.

Next, in 1986, Freude Titan built a new production hall, which heralded the company’s continuing expansion.

Following a change in ownership in 2003, the company began to widen its portfolio, adding high-grade steel processing as well as instrument and tank construction for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2011, Freude Titan acquired an additional building, expanding its total floor space to approx. 2,000 square metres and enabling it to make further investments. After buying two water jet cutters, Freude Titan set up a new company called Freude Wasserstrahlschneiden GmbH & Co. KG, which greatly increased its flexibility and manufacturing depth.

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